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A place of learning and healing in a an exclusive coaching community for leaders who are focused on and desire to create healthy Cultures of Innovation. 

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Bipolar Disorder Truth – What is Bipolar?

Bipolar Disorder Truth – What is Bipolar?

The basic understanding of bipolar by the medical and psychology community is flawed. What I have come to understand as part of beating bipolar fundamentally changed my beliefs about who I am and most definitely what is bipolar or what I call simply polarity.

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This is the easiest way to get started and connected to the ZPC Community. You can upgrade any time and you also have access to our advanced services. 

Premium Member

Ready to get serious and take your selling and leadership to the next level? This is group leadership and sales training at it finest with live classes and group mentoring taught by Dr. Eva and Michael.

With your membership:

-at least three live classes on different leadership topics per month

-initial private session to set your individualized goals.

-monthly group menotoring sessions with hotseat time, success sharing, and accountability.

-goal tracking

-access to advanced services

Advanced Services

As a member or student of the ZPC Community you have the opportunity to go deeper with Dr. Eva and Michael in the Trauma to Transformation program. This is a two part, six month program which enables you to turn trauma into emotional and leadership maturity. 

ZPC Community

This is our home,  our friends and our growing private and exclusive coaching community for leaders. Where creative cultures come together. 

Exclusive Community Content

We are all contributors to our community and most of the content is exclusive to our community, including our live streams. 

Optimal Human Experience

All of us in leadership push our minds and bodies to their limits. We have done the research with real scientists and doctors to show you how to live your life optimally as a leader. 


Our sought after mentorship program in a group dynamic with the support of a full private and social network. 

Influence Selling and Leadership

A completely new form of leadership and selling that promotes healthy teams and customer relationships. Only for the ZPC Community.

Trauma to Transformation

Turning trauma into emotional and leadership maturity. 

This is the heart of what we do at Zero Point Creation and the foundational work for healthy leaders. 

An Exclusive Community of Leaders

Zero Point Creation is a full social network experience in a secure and exclusive community of leaders. No ads. No filters. No AI controlling content.

Integrated private group video conference rooms, messaging and discussion forums. Join as an individual or as a team.

Included is a fully integrated learning environment with live interactive classes and full group participation through video, chat, forums and group discussions.

Learn through Mentorship

Mentorship is what Zero Point Creation is all about

Somethings can be taught and we teach many of those too here at ZPC, but as a private community we dig deeper into those things which can only be caught. Leadership group mentorship is part of our Premium Membership with individual programs available for Community Members.

Real help. 

Deep personal growth

Access to deep magic for real change

We provide pathways for healing the mind, body and yes, even the soul. The same powerful technologies used by Michael to beat mental, physical and spiritual illness and used by Dr. Eva in her work in the prisons and private coaching program.

One of a kind sales leadership training

Too powerful for the public

Maybe. This is how a deep core technologist and introvert learned to become an award winning Sales Leader and Executive Michael and Dr. Eva break this down to the science and energy of sales, influence and leadership. This is one of our most requested classes and it is available exclusively in the ZPC Community.


$35 per month – 14 Day Free Trial

With your Membership:

  • access to the ZPC Community
  • full access to groups including live video 
  • exclusive ZPC Community content
  • access to the Optimal Human Experience group
  • access to Advanced Services

Premium Membership

$350 per month

With your Premium Membership:

  • everything in the basic membership +
  • at least three live small group classes on different leadership, business and sales topics per month
  • initial private session to set your individualized goals.
  • monthly group mentoring sessions with hot seat time, success sharing, and accountability.
  • goal tracking
  • access to advanced services

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