Dr. Eva and Michael


Dr. Eva A. Malanowski


Dr. Eva’s Process:

In my work as a Boulder psychologist I combine the best of science and the most effective spiritual and energetically based methods of transformation. I utilize the newest research in psychology with energy healing strategies such as Emotional Freedom Techniques. This approach creates a solid foundation for change, as well as a dynamic environment for transformation. Life becomes more meaningful, the fog of depression lifts, the traumas of the past loose their sting, and shame is transformed into self-acceptance and self-love.

My work is done in a caring and cozy atmosphere. I create a cocoon of safety where the metamorphosis occurs and support is provided as your new wings are tried out and tested in the world. Over time you learn how you are the creator of your environment and how you have so much more to offer and are so much more powerful than you had ever imagined. You learn how to manage and transform your thoughts, your feelings and your mood. Life becomes vibrant and exciting again.

About Me

My name is Eva A. Malanowski, Psy.D. I am a Clinical Psychologist in Boulder, Colorado. My practice is based on the idea of metamorphosis and transformation. Growing up in Boulder I knew I wanted to be a psychologist since high school. I saw pain around me and I knew that I wanted to help. I saw clearly the juxtaposition of the beauty of the natural environment of Boulder and the pain in my teenage friends and in myself.

At a very early age I was interested in spirituality as well as psychology. I did a project on the evidence for reincarnation in 10th grade. I pursued my love of psychology and in 2000 I received my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I also continued to study different spiritual traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Positive Christianity.

As I was working on healing myself form depression at the age of 14, I discovered Dr. David Burns’ book “Feeling Good.” I loved the idea that we could transform ourselves, that we could change our thinking and through changing or thinking change our lives. I began to apply the changed self-talk as well as the behavioral changes. I began to feel better and see actual changes in my life.

Eight years ago I met Dr. Martha Horton, who became a beloved mentor. She is the author of the book, “The Seashell People,” and the creator of the Amate Growth Work Method, a process for helping people heal the emotional wounds of childhood and reach full emotional maturity. I studied with Martha and became an Amate Growth Work facilitator myself. This process creates the perfect foundation for being able to fully step into your life and finally take those risks you were previously too fearful to take.

Mentoring and Team Building

One of my great passions is mentoring other coaches and therapists and helping them to reach their full potential. I have created vibrant mental health teams in a number of different settings from community mental health to federal institutions. I know how to inspire people with a clear vision while bringing out and nurturing their strengths. I love utilizing my team building abilities to help your team build a culture of innovation. 

Spiritual Awakening Help

Many people all over the world are experiencing heart-centered awakening and spiritual awakening. They may not know where to turn or what to do, and not many psychologists know how to help them. They may think they are losing their minds and so may their family. This is an experience that I have gone through myself and have now successfully navigated after much trial and error, information seeking and education, so I am in a position of helping make your transformation much simpler by providing you with the guidance that you need to fully utilize your potential, without making all of the mistakes that I made. You have a place here where you can safely explore and receive loving guidance.

A Great Career

  • Founder of five successful startups including CityNet
  • Brought multiple new products to market producing over $600m
  • Over $4 billion in direct career technology sales 
  • Record breaking runs at VMware, Red Hat, Oracle, Canonical and Sun
  • A three legged unicorn. deep technical knowledge, an Enterprise Architect and a top producing sales executive

…that nearly killed me

  • Cluster Headaches
  • Bipolar Type 1 with catatonic depression
  • A second major mental illness
  • Weighed 265lbs
  • Struggled to walk, work or live
  • Significant physical health issues

Until I learned a new way of living

  • Beat Cluster Headaches
  • Completely cured of Bipolar Type 1 
  • Overcame a second major mental illness
  • Lost nearly 100 lbs in 6 months
  • Currently the healthiest of my life at 54
  • Developed the Optimal Human Experience Program


Michael M. McCain

Sometimes I feel like I am writing about a journey that is much longer than 40 years. It is more like three lifetimes than one. I have had an amazing career and life and I though I can not say I am just getting started, I am ready for several more lifetimes. I have worked in over 70 countries, delivered over $4 Billion in direct sales, and built 5 successful startups. 

In the process, l broke my body and my mind in the process. Like 1 in 3 technology executives, I suffered from major mental illness. In my case I had two, including bipolar type 1. Mental illness nearly cost me my life.

I beat both mental illnesses and in time, rebuilt my body and my career, but in the end it cost me over 10 years of my life. 10 years of my life gone. 

This is why I co-founded Zero Point Creation. I would like to show leaders a healthier path than the one I first entered. I would like to show them how to build healthy successful teams without sacrificing their own healthy and sanity in return.

Over the last 15 years I have taken the same problem solving skills that enabled me to build some of the largest clouds and most complex environments in the world to building a better healthy life. What I call the Optimal Human Experience. 

During this time I have helped people overcome mental illness, obesity, migraines, cluster headaches, diabetes and even MS. 

Now I am focused on bringing the skills, gifts, knowledge and wisdom of the last 40 years of business to new leaders and older ones who want to build healthy lives, teams and Cultures of Innovation.