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Emotionally Stuck

Mental Health

Written by Eva Malanowski

July 24, 2020

We get stuck in emotional immaturity due to big T and little t traumas. Big T traumas are easy to recognize. Some examples of Big T traumas are: physical and sexual abuse, having your house burn down in a fire or living through the suicide of a parent. Little T traumas are more subtle:  being bullied or made fun of, having a mother who was depressed, or being picked last in gym class over and over again. 

The shell that once protected us from a 

frightening world, now keeps us from 

growing into a mature adult. 


When we encounter frightening events as children and there is no helpful adult there to help us make sense of the situation or help us feel loved and secure during it, we develop a shell around our emotional self, and we get stuck in our emotional development. With each new trauma we develop another layer of the shell. The shell protects us but it also stifles us and makes it more and more difficult to have healthy emotional relationships as we get older. In order to grow up emotionally and get un-stuck from emotional immaturity we must receive help to heal that vulnerable Inner Self and help him or her grow up into emotional maturity. 

In this video we explore how we got stuck growing emotionally. 

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