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Love Yourself

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Written by Eva Malanowski

July 24, 2020

.We hear so much now about the need to love ourselves and self-love, but what does this really mean? Self-love is not narcissism, is really a deep and compassionate way of caring for ourselves. It is making decisions that are healthy for us and don’t put us in dangerous situations. It is setting limits, and making sure that we are not taken advantage of, and that we get enough rest. It is saying “no” when we are guided to do so. It is knowing our worth and standing up for ourselves. 

Self-love is a lot more than putting pretty pictures and affirmations on your mirror. 


Self-love, loving yourself is really creating a deep inner bond with your emotional self. You develop a loving dialog with him or her. You may want to learn more about this by watching our video on the three voices you use to talk to yourself. Loving yourself is about seeing yourself as worthy, as precious, as deserving. Seeing yourself as being deserving of being alive, as having a purpose that is important to be fulfilled. When you are stuck due to trauma it can be very hard to love yourself. Join our community to learn more about how to get unstuck and heal your precious inner self. 

In this video I talk about what does it really mean to love yourself. 

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