Imagine your life without Bipolar

The path to complete healing for people with Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar to WholenessAbout Me

I am not a doctor. I am a business and tech leader. I was very much a person like you who suffered with bipolar type 1 for years. Let me show you how I found complete healing from bipolar and achieved Mental Health.

We were not born this way. We were broken along the way.

The right first step

Your mental health business partner

No more guessing if your working in the right direction. No more searching for someone who can actually help. I connect you with the right doctors, who use the methods that can help you heal the trauma and achieve complete mental health.

Restore the body

From the damage of bipolar

Each cycle of polarity damages the body affecting nearly every system. The medications commonly used to manage bipolar also wreck havoc on our bodies. To achive mental health, this must be repaired. We show you how and coach you through the process.

Heal and Balance the Mind

Beliefs, Values and Disciplines create the basis for Mental Health

You have been told for years biopolar is for life and have been conditioned to respond in specific ways. We will teach you and assist you in clearing the broken beliefs and conditioning that has you stuck in unhealthy patterns and teach you the tools to a balanced life.

Committed to Truth

No lies. No gimmicks. No BS, Ever

We have been lied to enough, don’t you think? False promises, destructive medications and the biggest lie of them all, that we were born this way. This is one place, one source you can count on being true. It is that important to us. 

My Approach To Coaching

Michael’s unique approach to mental health creates pathsways to healing not usually seen in the field of mental health. His unconvental approaches simply work. His mental health coaching is the missing piece for those trying to do more than simply manage their mental illness. 

Dr. Eva Malanowski

Energy Psychologist, Amate Growth Work

Want to see what the Optimal Human Experience looks like? Michael’s combination of health coaching, executive background and  profound hypnosis is a game changer for anyone wanting to achieve their optimal mental and physical health. 


Client, Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mental health Coaching?

We have been told many things about our mental health from endless sources. Is it not about time you speak with someone who has actually beaten a mental illness? I show you step by step what works, warn you about what does not and I keep you on track to achieve your goal, Mental Health. I assist you in getting off the medication, restoring the mind and body, finding the right trauma psychologist that can actually bring healing to the trauma that is at the source of all mental illness. This is mental health coaching. 

How Do I Know if mental health Coaching Is Right for Me?

Do you currently have bipolar? Do you want to learn to manage it? I am not the right person? Do you want help with medication? I am still not the right persons. Do you want to live a life free of bipolar and mental illness and are willing to do what it takes to be healthy? Than Mental Health Coaching is right for you. 

Do You Only Work With business and tech executives?

No, but as I have been a business leader and principle technologist (CIO/CTO) for 30+ years I offer unique value to those suffering with mental illness in these roles.

Do You only work with bipolar?

No. We offer mental health, business and life coaching to anyone looking to dig deep, get healthy and grow up. We are just really good at helping those with Bipolar. 

I have a psychologist or psychiatrist, why do I need your services?

If you want to go from managing bipolar to living a life free of mental illness and your current doctors say you are born this way, you need our help. If you want to learn to manage your career while recovering from mental illness, you need our services. If you are suffering from the onslaught of medications being pushed on people suffering from bipolar, our services can really help you. 

Bipolar Disorder The Cure

Can bipolar be cured? My personal story.

The Optimal Human Experience

Beating obesity (I lost 100 lbs), Cluster Headaches and Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and achieved the Optimal Human Health and Experience.

Bipolar Disorder Truth – What is Bipolar?

The basic understanding of bipolar by the medical and psychology community is flawed. What I have come to understand as part of beating bipolar fundamentally changed my beliefs about who I am and most definitely what is bipolar or what I call simply polarity.



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