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The Optimal Human Experience 

We bring decades of research, NASA science and real life experience to create the Optimal Human Experience.  No games, pills or radical diets. Let us show you how you can be as healthy and sexy as you want at any age. I beat obesity (I lost 100 lbs), Cluster Headaches and Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and achieved the Optimal Human Health and Experience. We can help you take on what ever health challenge you are facing.  

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The Optimal HUman Expereince


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Bipolar Disorder Truth – What is Bipolar?

Bipolar Disorder Truth – What is Bipolar?

The basic understanding of bipolar by the medical and psychology community is flawed. What I have come to understand as part of beating bipolar fundamentally changed my beliefs about who I am and most definitely what is bipolar or what I call simply polarity.

The Three Inner Voices

The Three Inner Voices

How to cultivate your Three Inner Voices and learn to use your intuition as an instrument of healing, growth and protection.