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The Three Inner Voices

Mental Health

Written by Eva Malanowski

July 24, 2020

We associate hearing voices in our head with being crazy, but actually we all talk to ourselves. However often the voices in our head are not friendly or benign. They can be downright malicious and mean. These voices come from the critical voices we heard in our childhood, be it from parents, bullies or teachers. Together the critical notions we heard become internalized and we mistake this voice for ourselves. The good news is that this negative tape that we play can be changed.  

Change your life by changing the voices you hear in your head.” 


In this video I talk about the three voices to develop that will help your Inner Self develp in a healty way. I talk about the voice of the good parent, the coach and the best friend. The good parent helps us practice self-care, the coach encourages us and helps us to evaluate what we can improve, and the best friend picks us up  when we are down and celebrates our victories. Together these vocies help us develop new neural circuity that helps us change the old patterns and tapes, and makes us truly feel loved and secure from the inside out. 

Play to learn how to make friends with the voices in your head!

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